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The Anclote River and surrounding areas are both scenic sites as well as a refuge for native wildlife in Florida. Click here for Images of the Anclote.

Click here to see the site where the Wal-Mart will be located on the Anclote River.

  Who We Are 

The Concerned Citizens of Tarpon Springs/ Friends of the Anclote River is a non-partisan group of citizens who have joined together to focus on selected local issues and use their collective voice and actions to help preserve the unique identity, small town character and cultural heritage of their community by ensuring future development adheres to these goals while providing adequate protection for the environment, natural resources and wildlife.

The organization was started by a group of citizens who were dedicated to preserving the health and environmental beauty of the Anclote River by minimizing and limiting new development and all sources of pollution to the river while protecting the fish and wildlife that inhabit it.     

   Why We Exist

The Concerned Citizens of Tarpon Springs/ Friends of the Anclote River seeks to preserve Tarpon Springs' identity, small town environment and heritage by helping guide planning for future growth, controlling current development and protecting the environment, natural resources and wildlife.

The Anclote River played a key role in the city's past and protecting its health is vital to the City's future. The organization is committed to preserving the environmental beauty of the Anclote River as an important feature of Tarpon Springs' cultural history.

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